This summary explains the purposes of my various blogs.

The Technical-Legal Confluence News in Wordpress on this domain (at http://www.billboushka.com/wordpress) provides a reference of major legislative initiatives and court opinions regarding a number of subject areas where the relationship between law and technology is changing.

The Internet, along with associated technologies in such areas as video, motion pictures, broadband, and even desktop publishing, has posed new situations that the law has never been set up to handle clearly. There are a number of separate areas, such as copyright law, trademark (and domain names), censorship (and protection of minors), privacy (especially in conjunction with government surveillance after 9/11), and even journalistic immunity.

The Wordpress blog comprises a series of entries, each of which lists the applicable federal (sometimes state) statutes, bills in process, and court opinions (usually federal but sometimes state) about a particular issue. The blog entries are divided into Wordpress categories, corresponding to the issues. An issue can have multiple entries, but generally each entry will represent some new aspect to the issue, or some new development, as would be appropriate for a chronological blog.

The bills usually give Govtrack reference links where available, and the latest Congress in which the bill has appeared (usually the current, which in early 2008 is the 110th). I could give (Library of Congress) Thomas, but I find that direct links often don’t work and have to be copied into browsers and re-submitted.

On Blogger, I have fifteen blogs. They can be linked from the Blogger profile. For the most part, the subject matter of each blog is self-explanatory. When a news event occurs that in some way affects “personal liberty” as I perceive it, I document the event (as if it were a kind of “breaking news”) in the appropriate blog, in reverse chronological order. Each blog is archived by month. Sometimes some judgment is required to determine which blog to use.

This approach has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that a visitor can go to a blog about a particular area and see if anything has occurred in that area. The Wordpress approach would place everything in one blog, which might inconvenience some visitors, but this technique would then allow the user to click on the category to see what had happened that day in that area. That approach seems better now to me, but I started the blogger content quite some time ago before I realized the advantages of Wordpress, and now it is indexed that way in search engines. It’s possible that I could convert it at some point in the future.

The “main site” (doaskdotell.com) is organized around the idea of “self-publishing” with content that is updated regularly, but is historical and analytical rather than “newsy” in nature. The content is supposed to be more static and like a book or encyclopedia that gets periodic updates.

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