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1001 1001 T0100001 T0100002 Roberta Jacobs-Meadway T0000001 Encroachment The Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006 will protect trademark holders from gradual encroachment without evidence of actual dilution or harm GenEncro Ballard Spahr Andrews and Ingers u u u 0 0
1003 1003 T0100003 T0100004 Bill Boushka bills trademark blg non commercial Statement of Act in 2006 says that non-commercial use is a defense Noncomm BillBoushka u u u 0 0
71 G001 G0010001 G0010002 Boushka blog immutable Other biological traits lead to requiring behavior change (drug suscept) in private sphere if not law
Sexual orientation is less mutable and seems to offer sexuality without the emotional risk and investment required of heterosexual marrage
mutrisk u u u u 0 0
00100001 00100001 U0100001 n Bill Self Master Liberty is about individual freedom balanced with responsibility. Spirit is about maintaining a stable, meaningful system around human existence Masterba n n n n 0 0
00100002 00100002 U0100002 n Bill Self Masterbase2-individualsovereignt The core concept of liberty is individual sovereignty or personal autonomy: individual rights supported by immediate individual responsibility for actions indsover individual sovereignty n n n 0 0
00100003 00100003 U0100003 n Bill S public morality Most people experience the sharing of burdens as a personal moral value, even though politicians often cast the sharing in collective terms pubmor1 public morality 1 n n n 0 0
00100004 00100000 U0100000 U0100000 Bill Self pubmor2 The core concept of public morality is empathy coupled with faith; one needs these to grow into the ability to share burdens properly pubmor2 public morality 2 n n   0 0
00100005 00100005 U0100005 U0100005 Bill Self rightliv Many people connect public morality to the right to life, extended to mean openness to procreating new life, or at least a willingness to have a close non-disruptive connection to the procreation of others rightliv right to life extended n n n 0 0
00100006 00100006 U0100006 U0100006 Bill Self Famresp In this view, empathy and faith and respect for life generate family responsibility and socialization for everyone, and usually set up the conditions for marital sexual intercourse; family responsibility doesn't derive from intercourse alone Famresp Family responsibility source n n n 0 0
00100007 00100007 U0100007 U0100007 Bill self money To some people, recognition and "fame" and the freedom to attract people of their choice is as important as money or having people under their control as in a family fiat fiatmoneyandfame fiat na na 0 0
00100008 00100008 U0100008 U0100008 Bill self group Most people have an emotional connection to "faith" and "family group" and will mediate their own goals to meet the bigger needs of the group, without feeling that they will be personally misjudged; they may resent value systems that force excessive "personal responsibility" for "sacrifices" made for the good of the group group groupvindividual merid na na na 0 0
01000009 01000009 U0100009 U0100009 Bill self rolemodel One compromise point is that any adult can be expected to serve as a role model, even without having had own children rolemode rolemodel rolemode na na 0 0
00100010 U0100010 U0100010 U0100010 Bill self relwants Someone wants family respect because that's what she knows; an adult child wants his own hobbies because that's what he knows; but that which takes care of family members may trump relwants relwants na na na 0 0
01000011 01000011 U0100011 U0100011 Bill self marrown Sexual intercourse within marriage seems to confer the right to control the "identities" of unattached family members; siwm is both responsible for them and has power to run them like a government--that seems a core concept of "tribal societies"; it also relieves individuals of too much consciousness of their own worth, since it is subsumed by family marrown marrown marrown na na 0 0
01000012 01000012 U0100012 U0100012 Bill self sexualmorality Fairness requires that any experience of sexuality be open to procreation and respect the value of continuation of life; that seems like a basic Vatican precept sexmore sex,more sexmore nana   0 0